Vermouth 61 Tempranillo


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Sweet, bitter with balsamic notes.

Volume: 75cl
ABV: 15%

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This outstanding red wine is made from the best wine plots located in villages that are synonymous with wine of this quality: La Seca, Medina del Campo, Pozal de Gallinas, Serrada and Villanueva de Duero. Flavoured with botanicals, it is named after the original vat No. 61 of Bodega Cuatro Rayas.

Cherry red in colour; clear and very vinous on the nose, it has a cheerful sweetness and bitter after touch. With balsamic and spicy hints, it shows notes of coffee, cocoa, liquorice, blueberry, cinnamon, plum and orange. Pleasant on the palate with a well-controlled balance that lasts.

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