Pedros Amontillado


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Subtle and delicate bouquet, suggests notes of hazelnut.

Volume: 75cl
ABV: 20%

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Amontillado is one of the true wines of Jerez. This subtle and delicate bouquet, suggests notes of hazelnut on the nose, yet light and smooth on the palate which leaves a fresh and pleasant aftertaste.

This exceptional wine was selected from Garcia Jarana an old established Almacenista in Jerez. It is an excellent match for soups and consomes, tuna, wild mushrooms, hard cheese like Manchego or Cheddar, as well as Japanese influenced dishes.

This wine has undergone minimal filtration to obtain the maximum expression in the bottle. There is a chance that it may form a haze or precipitate tartrate crystals, which is completely natural and harmless.


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