Hacienda Grimon Como Lo Abuelo


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Full bodied, medium acidity. Leaves a lingering taste due to finely balanced tannins.

Volume: 75cl
ABV: 14.5%

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A full bodied wine with medium acidity. Scents of blackberries, bilberries and baked slices. Leaves a lingering taste due to finely balanced tannins.

Hacienda Grimon is run by the Olivans, a family with a long tradition in wine making. Their 25 hectares of vineyards are based in the Valle de Jubera, a secluded and little known corner of Rioja Alta with great viticultural history. Viticulture is organic, but not classified so because a lot of the producers don’t see why they should pay for certification of something they have been taking part in since long before it required certification. They have always done what produces the best flavour wine, and this involves not using herbicides or pesticides, using natural sheep manure and taking part in the highest quality practices.


Grape Variety


Bio-dynamic / Organic



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